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Customs Management

Trident offers effective customs clearance services for import and export shipments made by air or sea at busy ports around the world. With a CHA (Customs House Agent) Licence, we handle the necessary paperwork and adhere to customs requirements from the shipment’s origin to its destination, guaranteeing rapid and easy passage.

With numerous locations located at significant ports and airports, we specialise in trade procedures, international transportation, and customs clearance. In order to speed up the customs clearance procedure for each cargo, we also collaborate with specialists and provide consulting on import and export documentation and rules.

Customs Management

What do we offer ?

With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.

Custom Clearance Documentation

Trident manages all necessary documentation for customs clearance, including import and export documents, permits, and licenses. We ensure that all required paperwork is properly prepared and submitted to facilitate the smooth clearance of goods through customs.

Customs Contract Registration

We register the contract with customs to ensure compliance and facilitate customs clearance. By registering the contract, we help streamline the clearance process and ensure that all necessary information is provided to customs authorities.

Goods Transportation

We take care of the transportation and receipt of goods from the supplier's location to the port of departure. Our logistics team arranges for efficient and timely transportation to ensure that goods reach their destination in a timely manner.

Shipment Inspection

Trident ensures that the cargo meets all relevant regulations and requirements. We conduct inspections and examinations as required to ensure compliance with safety, quality, and customs standards.

Import Customs Clearance

Trident handles all customs clearance procedures for import cargo at the port of entry. We navigate the complex customs regulations, complete the necessary paperwork, pay applicable duties, and coordinate with customs officials to ensure a smooth and timely clearance process.

Port Services

We provide comprehensive port services to support the handling of cargo. This includes loading and unloading of cargo, cargo storage, and inventory management. Our team ensures that goods are handled efficiently and safely while they are in port.

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