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Project Logistics

Trident provides its clients with project logistics services, which are the design, management, and execution of challenging projects involving the transportation of bulky, heavy, or specialised cargo. These services are intended to aid companies in the secure and effective transportation of large and complicated freight.

 Trident offers clients high-quality, custom-tailored logistics services at competitive prices. The enterprise, which has a global presence, primarily collaborates with freight carriers, warehousing, and customs. Our excellent service can be credited to a simple combination of business principles, an astute network, and a well-defined manner of operation. With its timely, flexible, quick, safe, and reliable freight logistics services, Trident has established a strong reputation across the country.

Project Logistics

What do we offer ?

With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.

Global Project Cargo Network

Trident offers charter, forwarding, and stevedoring services through its global network of Project Cargo Desks. We are able to offer project logistics services on all continents because of their extensive network. Trident is part of a number of international groups, which broadens their clientele and increases their depth of knowledge in project logistics.

Real-time Control Tower & Direct Communication

Each project cargo shipment is assigned a fixed point of contact by Trident. This person is constantly available for questions and updates and has extensive experience in the international shipment of special cargo. The permanent contact person also gives clients access to a real-time control tower so they can keep track of the progress of their project cargo around-the-clock. Trident consults with the client before making any adjustments in case there are any.

Clearance of Customs & Compliance

Trident oversees every step of the customs clearance process and makes sure the project cargo conforms with all applicable rules and specifications. We guarantee that the required paperwork is in place and help clients secure the required licences and permissions.

Rigging & Heavy Lifting

Trident is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage big lift and rigging operations. Our professional's load and unload bulky or heavy items using specialised lifting tools like cranes and trailers. The goods are lifted, loaded, and secured safely and effectively by their team of professionals.

Surveying & Route Planning

Trident offers route survey and planning services to make sure project freight is transported effectively and safely. We carry out thorough analyses of the transportation route to spot potential hazards. We also create a thorough transportation plan that considers the cargo's size, weight, and destination based on the survey results.

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