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Trident provides full pick-and-pack operations, interim storage following cargo consolidation before container loading, and dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution services globally. Additionally, we have the palletization and export packing infrastructure required. Customers can react fast to market developments with our supply chain integration service while lowering operational and investment risks.

With the assistance of our knowledgeable local and international employees, Trident pinpoints loopholes and implements affordable and electronic solutions to help customers maximise their benefits. We stand out from other warehouse and logistics companies because of our strategy. By offering customers a wide range of warehouse services, Trident hopes to meet its customers’ demands for storage and distribution in an effective and dependable manner, freeing them up to concentrate on their core businesses while Trident handles its supply chain.


What do we offer ?

With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.With decades of industry expertise and a proven track record, Trident stands as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional solutions.

Basic Warehousing

We provide clients with effective storage options for their items through our basic warehousing services. We make sure that your products are handled and stored safely.

Advanced Storage Solutions

With features like temperature control and specialised equipment, our advanced storage solutions give customers a more complex warehouse solution.

Solutions for Bonded Warehouses

Our bonded warehouses provide customers with safe storage options that adhere to the strictest standards for customs procedures.

Production Line Feeding

We offer production line feeding services to make sure that the materials and components needed for our clients' manufacturing lines are always available.

Value-added services

To make sure that our clients' products fit the requirements for distribution, we provide value-added services including kitting, re-packing, and labelling.

Information Tracking

We have cutting-edge systems in place for recording information like serial numbers and best-before dates, enabling us to offer precise inventory management services.

Facilities for Custom Set-Ups

We provide dedicated facilities for clients who require custom setups to meet their specific needs.

Flexible Shared Services

Our multi-user facilities allow us to offer flexible shared services that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

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